Thursday, 6 December 2018

San E Kicked from Brand New Music

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San E's contract with Brand New Music has been terminated. 

The controversies surrounding San E has been multiple these past months. It started with the "Isu Station incident", where he posted illegal footage taken from the scene and posted onto his social media accounts.

He was later under fire for his views on feminism in his song "FEMINIST", where he shared his views on feminism in South Korea. The public wasn't pleased with his views and he came under attack from both the public and other rappers.

San E also took the stage during Brand New Music's recent concert and once again attacked feminists. It was even so bad the CEO of BNM had to go out on stage and apologize. The apology continued throughout social media.

The rapper also claims certain news sources actively edit videos to make him look like a misogynist.

Misogynist: "One who professes misogyny; a hater of women." / "One who displays prejudice against or looks down upon women."

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