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2017 in Rewind: Best & Worst News

2017 was filled with several good and bad news. Here's a recap of the most shocking, and joyful, events in 2017.

Despite our best effort, we will have missed certain news and details. We do not want to diminish someone's struggles as being "less worthy" than others. However, for the sake of this article we need to categories the news and use our own judgement, which isn't the universal truth. If you believe we missed any news, please comment and let us know and we might add it.

To prevent the list from dragging out too much, each category has around 5-7 articles. 



One of the most sad events to take place this year occurred right before Christmas. Jonghyun, a beloved member of SHINee committed suicide by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide. Our heart goes out to his family and friends.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku's Rina Matsuno Passes Away [JPOP]
One of the most shocking news in 2017 was the death of Rina Matsuno. The singer was 18 years old and was dead upon arrival at the hospital. The progression between her being fine and dying was quick. According to parents, she was fine until the early morning.

Siwon's Dog Kills Woman [KPOP]
Due to an infection caused by a bite from Siwon's dog, a woman passed away. The singer has apologized profusely for the incident, which seemed to have occurred during his military duty.

Kiseop from U-KISS Injured in Explosion [KPOP]
An explosion occurred during a music video shooting, causing Kiseop to suffer 2nd degree burns and other injuries.

MIZTAVLA Dr. Fumiya Passes Away [JROCK]
The drummer of visual kei band MIZTAVLA passed away due to a disease. The family has not shared what disease.

Keyakizaka46 Handshake Event Set on Fire, Man Planned to Murder Idols [JPOP]
As unbelievable as the headline might be, a man did plan to murder idols at the handshake event. Thankfully the police caught him before anyone was injured.


SuG Disbands After Hiatus [JROCK]

SUG has decided to throw in the towel. Despite a hiatus, the band couldn't see eye to eye regarding the band's continued future. Instead the members will go separate ways.

VAMPS Stops Activities in December [JROCK]
VAMPS will be stopping their activities in December for an unknown  amount of time. Overexertion is cited as the reason. We can only wish them a speedy recovery and hopefully the duo will be back in no time. 

The AKB groups have seen many members leave the past year, one of the most recent being Sumire Sato. The idol is done with the industry as well, choosing to leave everything behind for a more normal life. Other idols leaving their groups include NGT48's Rie Kitahara, SKE48's Risako GotoSKE48's Haruka Futamura & HKT48's Aika Ota.

It's been 11 years since Megamasso first came together. The band broke up in November of 2017. Maybe not a big surprise, since most of 2016 was spent in hiatus due to differing opinions about the band's future. 

Korean pop group SunnyHill left Loen Entertainment after an exclusive contract expired. It's unclear if the group disbanded or not. 

Visual kei band Grieve has chosen to call it quits. The band stayed together for about 5 years. 

A grazing period is what the band calls it, and fittingly enough, the photo accompanying the announcement is with the members wearing cow costumes. 


yui Divorces Husband & Gains Custody of Twins [JPOP]
We're not exactly sure what has happened, but yui divorced her husband and gained custody of the twins. It must have been relatively bad for yui to get full custody of the couple's children. 

The couple broke up and some sources cite it as being due to "busy schedules", but we'll never know why. The couple started dating in April of 2017, but broke up around August 2017. 

The short relationship lasted from April to July. It was Kim Min Jun, a general manager for a DJ crew, that posted the announcement on Instagram. 


In one of the biggest scandals of 2017, T.O.P was caught smoking weed. Due to the backlash, he tried to overdose which brought him close to death. Thankfully he survived without any lasting injuries.

Bad news came from ET-KING earlier this year. The group's leader, Itokin has been diagnosed with a malign type of lung cancer. 

Akina went for a checkup, only for the doctors to realize he suffered from not only one stroke, but two. 

Mogami was forced to leave due to some health issues. Despite bouts of bad health, the idol wants to become an actress. 

Due to a painful injury, Yasu was forced into a hiatus which meant cancelling his tour. Hopefully 2018 will be a better year for him!

Hamasaki's hearing has become so bad she might go completely deaf. She previously went deaf in her left ear, but now her right ear's hearing ability is slowly deteriorating. 


Members of STELLAR Fined $80,000 for Instagram Photo [KPOP]
The case of STELLAR is a good reason to read the fine print. Two members were fined fro breaching a contract by promoting a company's competition. 

Talk about breaching someone's trust! A photo was uploaded by a woman who claims to have met Keito Okamoto for a sexual encounter. 

The former member was arrested for sexually molesting two females at a club. He also borrowed money from two parties; he failed to pay back both loans. 

The stalking of the HKT48 member began when she was only 15 years old, and continued for three years. The name of the idol wasn't disclosed. 

There's some crazy people out there. A person was threatening to kill TWICE's Mina which JYP Entertainment didn't take kindly too. A lawsuit was filed, despite the accused apologizing. Serves them right in our opinion. 

Some fans are a bit too demanding. Sungmin wanted his private life to be separated from his idol life, but some ELFs wouldn't have it - saying he should be kicked from the group. 


Comebacks & Debuts: 

Amuro will go out with a bang - she has released an album, will hold a goodbye concert and perform during the Kohaku Uta Gassen. For those who don't know, KUG is the biggest music show in Japan and is held at the end of the year. Amuro's participation is the first since 2003! The singer previously announced her retirement.

Morning Musume Releases First Album in Three Years [JPOP]
Morning Musume released a comeback album on December 6th. This is the first album in about three years.

AAA's Misako Uno Making Solo Debut in 2018 [JPOP]
It's been announced AAA's own Misako Uno will be releasing a single in February. The track will be released on February 14th and will serve as promotional material for a Laguna Ten Bosch resort.

Despite being away from the music scene for awhile, Younha returned in 2017 with two new projects. 


Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin Announces Wedding Plans [KPOP]
BIGBANG'S Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin will be getting married in February. The couple has been dating since 2015, making them a long-term couple. Oh, and it's not a shotgun marriage.

Rain And Kim Tae Hee Welcomes First Child [KPOP]
We can only say welcome to the couple's first child, which happened to be a girl.

ONE OK ROCK's Ryota Welcomes First Child (Including Photo) [JROCK]
Ryota welcomed his daughter to the world on October 22nd. Did you know his wife and the mother of his daughter is Avril Lavigne's sister? 

 Ito left the group due to marrying and being pregnant. Later on she gave birth but choose not to reveal the gender or name of the baby. 

Despite it being against the rules, Ririka Suto announced she's marrying. This came to a shock to both fans and management. Apparently she never told them! That's one way to announce she's leaving the group. 

The group members both made exciting announcements in January. Later on, Saori announced she was pregnant


Jay Park Signs With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation [KPOP]
We can only say congratulation on the new contract!

Suzy Re-Signs With JYP Entertainment [KPOP]
Fans were relieved to know Suzy decided to resign with JYP Entertainment. The announcement read, “Suzy has re-signed with JYP Entertainment. From now on Suzy will have more meaningful and a variety of different activities.”

Alexander Lee Stars in “My Korean Jagiya” [KPOP]
Formerly a member of U-KISS, Lee will be starring in a Filipino-Korean drama titled "My Korean Jagiya".

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