Sunday, 3 September 2017

DIAURA Announces Fourth Full Album "VERSUS"

DIAURA has announced their fourth full album, "VERSUS", which is scheduled to release November 29th.

It's been a couple years since the band's last full album release. However, DIAURA is bringing in a set of 15 tracks, 13 of which are completely new.

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This release will be available in two types.

Track List
    1. beyond the death wall( SE )
    2. Shinshoku
    3. -Tower of Imitation-
    4. Rosary
    5. Shangri-La
    6. REM
    7. Toui Haru
    8. 「 」phobia
    9. Ikaros no Yume
    10. Noah
    11. Ares or Thanatos
    12. Dancing in the Dark (Limited Edition Only)
    13. is DEAD
    14. IDEA-Genjitsu e no Kaiki-
    15. Lost Child
    1. -Tower of Imitation-砂の塔

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