Thursday, 10 August 2017

Woman Posts Intimate Photo of Hey! Say! JUMP's Keito Okamoto After Sexual Encounter

A woman, called ms. A, leaked photos to a tabloid magazine of photos after her sexual encounter with Hey! Say! JUMP's Keito Okamoto.

The tabloid magazine, Shukan Josei, posted a photo of a woman and Okamoto after they spent the night together.

Don't freak out people, the photo is old and is from 3 years ago when Okamoto studied at the Sophia University. The woman even spoke to the  tabloid, giving out intimate details about the encounter.

Ms. A revealed she met Okamoto via mutual friends during a night drinking. The idol "left a good impression" on the woman, who said she was charmed by how laid-back he was and his passion for singing.

After the night, the two exchanged phone numbers but nothing happened right away. A month after their initial meeting, Ms. A and Okamoto started talking via LINE. Okamoto invited her over to his apartment. Apparently the two had been drinking the evening.

During their meeting, Ms. A noted the air condition wasn't working, creating a hot and humid environment "perfect for taking their clothes off". They watched TV for awhile until it progressed to the bed. Ms. A described Okamoto as kind and gentle during the encounter. She also added she became thirsty after the sexual encounter, so she drank some of his expensive juice.

Despite attempts to meet Okamoto again, the night would be their final one. The woman leaked a photo after the encounter. Notably there's a tissue box from the set of Music Station behind the man's head. This is something only someone involved in the show would have access to.

The timing of the story coincides with Hey! Say! JUMP is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The story first leaked on August 8th, with the group starting their tour on August 11th. 

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