Monday, 26 June 2017

18-Year-Old HKT48 Member Stalked by Middle Aged Man

A member of HKT48 was stalked by  a man in his 40s. The interest by the old man apparently lasted for 3 years, making the interest in the idol starting when she was 15. 

The man, who is 44-years old is living in Fukuoka and has been arrested by the police department for stalking the member.

It was on May 29th the idol's mother observed the man taking their garbage which had been placed in bins outside and driving away. The incident was reported to the police the day after. The stalking has been continuing throughout June.

The man became "acquainted" with the idol during a handshake event three years ago. Since then he has regularly attended these event. According to the reports, the man hoped to run into the idol if he regularly drove past her house.

The name of the idol hasn't been disclosed. The police are currently investigating if the man had intentions to hurt the member, but haven't reported anything so far. 

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