Thursday, 1 June 2017

Dal Shabet's Subin Talks About Female Idol Who Got Drunk & Pooped in Bathtub

Dal Shabet's Subin has revealed a most embarrassing story regarding a female idol who got drunk and had an accident. 

The headline itself seems to hint the story is made up, but according to Subin this really did happen. During the talk show "Brave Press", Subin dished out the story about a female idol who came to the dorms of another idol. The idol was drunk and apparently quite dirty, which prompted her to be taken to the bathroom to be cleaned up.

Once there, she was looking like she might vomit, upon which the other idols tried to move her to the bathtub and she allegedly pooped herself as they moved her. The female idol was apparently wearing "hot pants" when it happened.

The identity of the idol was never revealed, but considering some netizens ability to dig stories up - it wouldn't be a shocker if it was eventually revealed who it was. 

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