Saturday, 18 June 2016

Park Bo Gum & Irene Retiring as MCs for "Music Bank"

Park Bo Gum & Irene have saddened fans with the announcement they'll be stepping down as MCs for "Music Bank". 

A press release went out on May 16th in which a KBS representative stated, "After 13 months since May 2015, Park Bo Gum and Irene have decided to step down from their position as MCs on 'Music Bank'."

The representative continued, "Due to their busy schedule, which include drama filming, it makes live filming difficult to attend for them and we have been discussing the appropriate time for them to leave, it was only recently decided they would be stepping down."

Replacements for Park Bo Gum & Irene haven't been decided yet. However, it was revealed they'll continue to hos the show until the end of June. 

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