Thursday, 19 May 2016

Produce 101's Lee Hae In and Lee Soo Hyun Files Lawsuits to Terminate Contracts

Produce 101's Lee Hae In and Lee Soo Hyun have filed lawsuits to terminate their contracts with SS Entertainment.

A legal representative made a statement on May 19th, citing the lawsuits were filed on May 4th

. The representative stated, "The length of the exclusive contract is too long, and the contract is too broad in that it affects their freedom with economic activity."

The statements continues, "They didn't receive any explanation of the contract's content nor did they even see it."

Furthermore, the two trainees were not given proper vocal and dance training and SS Entertainment failed to debut the two within a year, which was stated in the contract.

"We learned of their lawsuit through the headlines. We're open for discussion and will announce our stance afterwards," the agency stated. 

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