Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Mayu Tomita Stabbed Over 20 Times By Fan

Idol Mayu Tomita was recently hospitalized after being stabbed over 20 times by an obsessive fan. Her condition is currently critical as she received stabs in both neck and chest. 

On May 21st the idol was slated to perform at a concert hall in Kogenai, Tokyo. The stabbing occurred in the evening, as Tomita was outside the venue.

The stabbings resulted in over 20 wounds in both neck and chest, with others being on her back and arms. Tomita was rushed to the hospital where she remains in a critical condition.

A man near the scene was arrested and later admitted to the crime. He has been identified as Tomohiro Iwazaki and is 27-years old.

The idol had complained to police after the man started posting obsessive comments about her on social media. Iwazaki had stated he had approached the idol before the concert, asking about a gift he had sent to her, which had later on been returned. When she didn't answer him clearly, he became angry. 

"I lost my temper and stabbed her many times because she didn’t clearly answer,"  Iwazaki said.

The police plan on re-arresting Iwazaki and charge him with attempted murder. 

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