Sunday, 3 April 2016

Red Velvet's Irene Criticized for Mocking Her "Fat" Manager

Red Velvet's Irene is under fire for allegedly mocking her "fat" manager during a recent event. 

The SM Entertainment singer was seen sitting at a table during one event, when he manager walked past behind table. The set shook a bit, and Irene called her over to seemingly complain.

The manager joked it off, but netizens claim Irene only made it seem like a joke because fans were watching.

Some fans came to Irene's defense, stating she and her manager look close to each other, meaning it was just a harmless joke.

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“Stomp stomp”
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“Unni! I could hearing stomping sounds whenever you run!”
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“Stomp stomp”

Netizens comments included: 
  • “She probably told her not to run making loud noises”
  • “Manager looks like she has a great personality”
  • “I think I would have the same reaction as the manager”
  • “I know that she is close to her manager but I don’t think she is nice.. I would never be able to say something like that since it might hurt them”
  • “It is true that Irene has a sensitive personality… She even says things to her members closing the door too loud”

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