Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Oh My Girl's Latest Comeback Is a Major Flop?

Oh My Girl's latest comeback, "Liar Liar", is apparently a major flop if to believe the netizen.

Many believed the girl-group would find the same success with "Liar Liar" as they did with "Closer".

After netizens saw the result on the music charts, netizens were quick to rule the WM Entertainment group's comeback a flop. 

Comments, as per usual translated by Koreaboo

[ +105 / -102] It is lower than AOA’s ‘Heartattack..?’ OH my God… I didn’t expect much from them anyways

[ +100 / -78] They’re ranked 96th in the 8th hour…? They’ll be out of the charts soon

[ +96 / -123] They really failed… I was going to watch them end the promotion but they already failed

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