Sunday, 13 March 2016

Natsuki Kato Announces Pregnancy

Natsuki Kato has announced she's pregnant. This is Kato's first pregnancy and she's expected to give birth this summer. 

On March 30th, Kato made an appearance in "Kobe Collection 2016 SPRING / SUMMER" at the Kobe World Memorial Hall.

During the show she said, "I can't walk the runway like I normally do", pointing out she's currently pregnant. 

Kato had tears in her eyes when she reflected on her modelling career and appearance in the "Kobe Collection". She confessed she didn't know anything about modelling at first, but later on "learned about the fun & beauty of modelling". 

She revealed she's expected to give birth this summer, but she'll work hard up until that point. She also stated she'll return to the Kobe stage in due time. 

Kato married a non-celebrity on June 6th, 2014. A wedding ceremony was held a year after in March. It's been obvious from past appearances she's been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to build a family. 

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