Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Dragon Announces Details for "Stardust Dream"

Kiryu alter-ego band, My Dragon, has released a preview and details for their third single, "Stardust Dream", which will be released March 30th.

Kiryu just released their single "Irodori" yesterday, however, they're pressing forward with another release in the same month under their other band name.

Limited edition TYPE A will include CD+DVD for 1944 yen, and regular editions TYPE B and C will include CD only for 1620 yen each.

[CD Track List]
  1. Sutemi de PON!
  2. Tsuki no Curtain
  3. YELL (Regular Edition TYPE B)
  4. Hito Natsu no Aventure-Remix- (Regular Edition TYPE C)
  5. Sutemi de PON! (Karaoke) (Regular Edition TYPE B & C)
  6. Tsuki no Curtain (Karaoke) (Regular Edition TYPE B & C)
  7. YELL(karaoke) (Regular edition TYPE B)
  8. Hito Natsu no Aventure-Remix- (Karaoke) (Regular Edition TYPE C)
  1. Sutemi de PON! PV+ Off-shot
A preview for the release is also available below.

Kiryu will hold their one-man live on April 1st at Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS.

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