Friday, 11 March 2016

Mari Yaguchi Molested As Part of Morning Musume

Mari Yaguchi recently confessed to being molested as part of Morning Musume.

The former member of the group opened up on the March 10th broadcast of variety show "Yoso de Iwantoite".

During the show, Yaguchi confessed to being molested by strangers when she was part of Morning Musume.

The men would grope her breasts, butt and crotch. It was even worse when going on the trains, where the crowds made it easier for men to touch them. The molestation was quick, allowing the men to run off before she had time to react. 

It wasn't a singular occasion nor for a few months, instead the molestation lasted for three years. Despite the issues, she never had issues participating in handshake events. 

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