Saturday, 5 March 2016

Grieva Releases Album Details for "Konton no Hako"

Track list details for Grieva's 3rd full album "Konton no Hako" have been revealed in addition to a preview for this new release.

The album is expected to drop on May 11th and will come CD+DVD for 3564 yen. Don't forget to check out the preview for album as well.

[CD Track List]
  1. Type[Requiem] (SE)
  2. Jintai Jikken~Kimi ga Kuruu Made no 7kakan~
  3. Kibou to Yoru
  4. Genei Syndrome
  5. MAD[ism] Night Party
  6. Ketsueki Jelly
  8. Shounen A
  9. in the Blue
  10. -273.15℃
  11. Jisatsu Circle
  12. Ironic Sky
  13. Doukeshi no Uta
  14. Genocide GAME
  15. Suichuu Shizumu Toumei na Hako
  16. Requiem-Another Birthday-
[DVD Track List]
  1. Genei Syndrome
  2. Kibou to Yoru

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