Thursday, 31 March 2016

GOT7 Ticketed By Police After Setting Out With Food Truck

GOT7 set out with a food truck to thank their fans for their continued support. However, the police objected to the practice. 

Setting out with food trucks isn't an unknown practice. That being said, what happened to the food truck is. A fan snapped a photo, showing a Korean policeman going up to the truck. 

The JYP Entertainment group was apparently ticketed by the police due to unlawful parking. Fans advised the group to pray for good luck after the mishap. 

The members of GOT7 were still able to continue handing out food from the truck after the incident. 

One netizen found the incident amusing, saying the group can never catch a break, with another saying they need to check their karma. 

What do you think of the incident? 

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