Friday, 4 March 2016

G.NA Accused of Being Involved in Prostitution Scandal

G.NA has been accused of being involved in a prostitution scandal. Apparently sources claim she accepted offers for sex, with a value over tens of thousands of dollars.

An "unidentified female A" has apparently been involved in a prostitution scandal and was called to the police for an interrogation on February 23rd. The scandal involves several celebrities and CEO's in South Korea. 

Female A stated she received offers for sex, but  declined them. Further investigations prove she did in fact accept the offers. 

The name of the celebrity involved hasn't been disclosed, but media revealed she ended her contract with her agency quite recently, just like G.NA has done.

Along with the article, Korean media also attached a blurred out picture of the agency's website with the caption "[EXCLUSIVE] Female Idol ‘A’ Who Disappeared From Agency’s Official Website, Involved In Prostitution Scandal."

Through the web design and colors, netizens deduced it was Cube Entertainment's official website. The most recent artist to have left the agency is G.NA.

Netizens deduced the prostitution scandal is involving G.NA and has begun commenting on her Instagram account. 

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