Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Taeyang Deletes & Apologies for Racist Post on Instagram

BIGBANG's Taeyang has been criticized for his alleged racist post on Instagram. He has now removed the post and issued an apology. 

Taeyang used an app that allows users to fuse their faces with someone else's. For Korean fans, he fused his face with T.O.P's and for international ones he used Kanye West's face. 

The issue arouse when Taeyang said, “Happy Monkey New Year”, and tried to imitate a monkey using the mash-up of the American rapper. When the mash-up was between Taeyang and & T.O.P he simply tried to imitate his fellow group member and wishing a happy new year in Korean. 

The post was removed soon after it was posted. In a recent post, Taeyang issued a comment regarding the issue: 

I read all the comments and I am very sorry to anyone who had bad feelings about the last post which is now deleted. I didn’t know some people would think that way but it is totally my fault and I take responsibility. I did not mean it that way and I hope you guys understand that. I’m sorry again and I will never make this kind of mistake again. I hope you guys will forgive me.

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