Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Akari Yoshida Becomes a YouTuber?

Akari Yoshida from NMB48 has decided to become a YouTuber. On February 2nd, she uploaded her first video showing a tutorial on how to curl her hair.

She announced her "career" change via a tweet stating, "Starting today, I will become a YouTuber."

Later that day, a video titled "1-nichi Torenai Makigami! MIX Maki no Yarikata♡," was uploaded to her account. The title roughly translates as "Curls that will Last the Entire Day! How to Do a MIX Curl♡".

If fans were concerned about a career change, she calmed fans on Twitter, stating "Please don't worry. I am both an idol and YouTuber". She continued, "I'm still new at video editing and filming, but I will do my best". 

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