Monday, 11 January 2016

Xaa-Xaa to Release New Single & Best Album

Despite only have been around for a little more than a year, xaa-xaa has made a big announcement. In addition to a new single, the band will be releasing a best album.

Details for these releases have finally been revealed, despite the fact the band made the initial announcement about a month ago.

Their single "Shitai Dake Desho?" will be available in two versions. The limited edition, CD+DVD, will include two new songs and a PV for the featured title for 1800 yen. The regular edition will come CD only with 3 tracks for 1500 yen.

[Track List]
  1. Shitai Dake Desho?
  2. Kanashii Nara te wo Tatakou
  3. Sakura no Machi (Regular edition)
Also to be released on that same date is their full album, "Chuudokushoujou". This release will come with 12 of xaa-xaa's best songs thus far for 3000 yen.

[Track List]
  1. Usotsuki
  2. Kanden Kega no o Sore ga Arimasu
  3. Kowai Kurai
  4. Komoriuta
  5. Doshaburi no Kanojo
  6. Kimi no Shinzou wo Tabeteshimaitai
  7. Yuuyake
  8. Koyoi wa Utsukushii
  9. Shinitai
  10. Haikei Anata e
  11. Yami
  12. Kimochi Warui Hodo Hareta Sora wo Penki de Nuritsubushita
Artist photos for the band's new look can also be seen below.


xaa-xaa will hold their live tour "Minna to Shitai Dake" from April 2nd at Takadanobaba AREA  April 16th at Sendai SPACE ZERO.

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