Tuesday, 19 January 2016

SMAP Announces They're Not Disbanding

SMAP will not disband, despite coming very close to it. Following the announcement, even prime minister Shinzo Abe expressed relief over the decision.

The announcement was made during SMAP x SMAP, with the members appearing in black suits. The members also apologized for last week's controversy surrounding their potential disbandment. 

That being said, SMAP's Takuya Kimura stated they were "on the verge of a midair breakup". Kimura later stated, "From now on we will only look ahead and strive to go forward."

Prime minister Shinzo Abe also expressed relief during a budget committee meeting. 

"Similar to the world of politics, there must be many challenges for one group to last so long. It is good that they will stay together, as that is what their fans wished for," he said.

Other politicians also expressed relief and positive sentiments, further proving the group's importance in Japanese pop culture. Once the announcement went public, Twitter was flooded by messages, celebrating the news.

It was last week the reports started circulating surrounding SMAP's disbandment. It seemed a real possibility when Michi Iijima, the group's manager decided to leave Johnny's & Associates.

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