Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Shinsadong Tiger Accused of Selling EXID to China

Shinsadong Tiger has been accused by netizens to selling EXID to China. The accusations surfaced since the group signed a contract with Chinese chaebol Wang Sicong.

The group previously claimed to be promoting in South Korea this year, but with the new contract there's reason to believe they'll start activities in China as well. 

However, the group's contract with Wang Sicong is supposedly so they'll receive financial backing, but netizens aren't entirely convinced. 

Some of the netizens commented the following: 

  • "If they constantly promoted in Korea and released good songs as well it would be no problem but I’m sure fans will all turn their backs if you prioritize China and slack on Korean promotions."
  • Read the article they said they’ll prioritize Korea in the article. I don’t like Shinsadong Tiger already but god people."
  • "The Chinese CEO will take half the company but the company will still be in Korea."

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