Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Park Hae Jin Rumored to Marry Next Year?

Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin is rumored to marry next year, according to netizens speculations.

In an interview promoting the drama series, "Cheese in the Trap", the actor seemingly joked about marrying in 2017.

If single by spring 2017, he will be engaged with a friend of his (most likely a joke, but netizens are netizens). 

“I broke up with a friend of mine a while ago, and promises back then that if neither of us were dating anyone by the summer of 2017, we would get together and get married," he said.  

"I still remember that promise with her, and if she does show up at the promised location in 2017, I’ll propose to her on the spot. However, if she’s married with children by then, I hope that she will still come out to the spot so I can give her my blessing.”

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