Thursday, 21 January 2016

FACT Members Forms New Bands Joy Opposites & SHADOWS

The members of FACT have decided to create two new bands, namely Joy Opposites & SHADOWS.

Joy Opposites members include FACT's Adam (Vo, G), Tomohiro (B), Eiji (Dr). However, the 4-member band also include The Amity Affliction's Imran (Vo, G). According to reports, a new album will be released towards the end of the year.

Members of SHADOWS include Hiro (Vo), Kazuki (G) & Takahiro (G), forming a 3-piece band. Their first album from this band will be released on March 30th. Additionally they'll also appear on PUNKSPRING 2016.

FACT will also release a collection of music videos and live performances. So far there's no specific details or release date announced, but the content of the "002" video work is available online. 

002 Content:

Music video
  1. FOSS
  2. pink rolex
  3. polyrhythm winter
  4. ape (Lyric Video)
  5. drag (Lyric Video)
  6. miles away
  7. disclosure
  8. the way down
  9. wait
  10. look away
  11. choices (Lyric Video)
  12. ALL THIS WONDER / co3
  13. ALL THIS WONDER (80KIDZ North Field Mix) / co3
  14. LET'S GET OUTTA HERE feat. AZKILLZ / co3
Live video

  • ROCK-O-RAMA 2015
  • FACT "WITNESS" JAPAN TOUR 2014 (Encore portion)
  • FACT "KTHEAT" JAPAN TOUR 2015 (Encore portion)

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