Thursday, 21 January 2016

Anna Tsuchiya Announces Divorce to Husband of 6 Years

Anna Tsuchiya has split from her husband of 6 years, Kikuchi Yamato. The divorce was announced on January 21st via her blog.

"Excuse me for this personal matter, but at this time I would like to report that on January 21 Yamato Kikuchi and I have divorced," she wrote.

After discussing the state of their marriage the following six months, the two decided their change in values couldn't be overlooked. Despite a six year long marriage, the two decided to file for a divorce. 

Yamato was Tsuchiya's stylist when they began dating in 2007. Marriage followed in September 2009 and later on they had a son called Simba, born on March 26th, 2010. 

As for the custody of their child,  they will share the responsibility and continue to cooperate in raising him. 

Tsuchiya was previously married to actor Joshua Niimura. They married in June of 2004 and had a son named Sky in November of 2010. They filed for divorce in July of 2006. 

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