Saturday, 12 December 2015

Oh My Girl Accused of Being Sex Workers by Los Angeles Airport Officials

The members of K-pop group Oh My Girl were recently accused of being sex workers by the  Los Angeles airport officials.

The group's agency, WM Entertainment, commented the group was detained for a total of 15 hours before the misunderstanding was sorted out.

Oh My Girl was travelling to L.A. for a photo shoot. Although the group itself passed customs, issues arose when the costumes and filming equipment was found.

Due to the nature of the costumes & props, not to mention the girls' age and their travelling companions being older males, authorities suspected they were sex workers. Due to phones being confiscated, it was difficult being able to come to an understanding.

WM Entertainment decided to return after being detained for 10 hours. A new date will be scheduled for the shoot. The agency also hired an attorney in the US to investigate whether or not the detaining was legal. 

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