Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Kang Doo Ri Death Ruled As Suicide

Actress Kang Doo Ri's death has been cited as suicide, as opposed to the initial reason which was a car crash. 

The Incheon Samsan Police Station revealed the actress was found dead in Bupyeong-dong, Incheon on December 14th around 4 p.m. KST.

During the investigation, the police found Kang Doo Ri had sent a strange message to a friend, hinting at suicide. 

After investigations, the police concluded there were no break-ins or foul play involved. Coal briquettes were somehow involved in her death.

When prompted about a statement, the police kept quiet citing the chief of crime was unavailable. The hospital stated they couldn't really say anything about the situation, We cannot give a precise cause of death. We only gave a consultation [for the funeral]. The funeral is on December 16.”

Kang Doo Ri debuted in the 2010 drama, "Three Brothers" & most recently she appeared in "Sassy Go Go". The actress is also a popular broadcasting jockey for mukbangs (eating broadcasts) and played games on her channel.

Three days before she passed away, on December 11th, she commented on her channel: 

“I’m having a hard time these days because I’m experiencing a lot of bad personal problems. It was getting better after finishing the drama and doing broadcasts. But the situation became bad and didn’t go as planned so I couldn’t do anything. I’m really sorry and I apologize. However, I am thinking of getting ready to return to everyone after becoming calm. So I’m trying to stand up once again. See you next week.”

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