Thursday, 3 December 2015

Jessica Jung Announces Solo Career

Jessica Jung, formerly a member of Girls' Generation, has revealed she's going to make a solo career as a singer. 

The exciting news was revealed in an interview with fashion magazine HIGH CUT on December 3rd. 

"I am currently working on a new album and I want to gift my fans for waiting for me for a long time. I am very excited," she said. 

When prompted about her younger sister and f(x) member Krystal, she said, Krystal and I cheer for each other in each other's ventures and I get a lot of (design) inspirations from her. When I’m making things for my brand, Krystal gives me advice and we discuss things a lot." 

The full issue of HIGH CUT vol.163 will go on sale on December 13th. That being said, the digital edition can be found online on December 8th. 

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