Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hikaru Utada Returning from Hiatus in 2016

Hikaru Utada will be returning to the entertainment industry in the spring of 2016. The singer has been on a 6-year long hiatus, with start in 2011. 

It's been reported Utada will release at least two songs as part of a new album in April next year. These songs will be used as theme songs for major live-action TV series and news programs.

The singer announced back in July she was planning on releasing new music. She was then working on new music overseas, while being pregnant with her son. Back in 2014 she married Italian bartender Francesco Calliano.

More details aren't currently known, but hopefully we'll get more details soon.

Update 12/12-15: Utada's father took to twitter to shoot down the rumors. Later on Utada's agency stated there are no concrete plans on new music being released. 

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