Friday, 18 December 2015

FIESTAR Gaining Recognition 4 Years After Debut

FIESTAR is gaining recognition four years after their debut, following one of their members appearance on a rap show this year. 

The girl-group was formed by LOEN Entertainment in mid-2012. Originally the group consisted of six members, but one of their members, Cheska, left. The group later on moved to the agency's sub-label Collabodadi.

Following member Yezi appearance on Mnet's Unpretty Rapstar Vol2, the group is once again returning to the limelight.

A person on Instiz published a post, highlighting the recent attention given to FIESTAR following the group member's appearance on the rap show. 

Koreaboo translated the post: 


“FIESTAR was Loen’s big project after IU. At the time of debut their concept received much attention for its uniqueness but after the producer changed, they went with the common sexy concept and became fairly forgotten. Their songs were good but they didn’t have their break.”

“Their Maknae Yezi blew up on Unpretty Rapsatar 2.”

“And this is yesterday on ‘Radio Star.’ Cao Lu who’s renowned as the gag character made an appearance.”

Caption: “I am the Chinese (member) of FIESTAR.”

Caption: “I am Cao Lu~ Nice to meet you.”

Caption: “I am responsible for the visual of FIESTAR.”

The entire post can be seen on Koreaboo

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