Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Eli's Follow-Up Statement Regarding Marriage & Wife's Pregnancy

Eli from U-KISS has now issued a follow-up statement following his shocking announcement regarding marriage & his wife being pregnant. 

The statement was issued on December 7th via Twitter.

“Hello. This is U-KISS’s Eli. First, I want to apologize for my previous actions to my family, members, fans and people from NHemg family and AVEX, and to everyone else who worried for me. My actions shocked a lot, right? Although, it has been tough, I did not regret being a part of U-KISS. But because of my idol status, it means it's hard for my family," he started the statement. 

He further explained his status caused it to be difficult to go to the hospital comfortably, without added drama or scandal. He explained the statement was made to protect his family, and to take responsibility. 

Eli ended the tweets with an apology, and a promise to keep working hard as a singer. 

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