Thursday, 3 December 2015

Chanyeol Allegedly Collapsed After EXO's Stage at "2015 Mama"

Chanyeol allegedly collapsed after EXO's stage at the "2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards" on December 3rd. 

A fan uploaded a video of Chanyeol after the performance, showing some of the group's performance and the rapper's exit. 

However, as Chanyeol exists the stage, he shrugs off his coat, appearing breathless before crouching down. Fans now speculate he collapsed, which is further hinted at as staff members attended to him before making a full exit from the venue. 

Many fans expressed concerned over the rapper, considering the strenuous schedule both locally and internationally. According to reports, this is the 2nd time Chanyeol appeared to feel unwell during the awards. 

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