Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Yoshikuni Dochin Collaborating With Comic "Gifuu Doudou!!"

Dochin Yoshikuni's "Vows" collaboration with Gifuu Doudou!!

 CHEMISTRY's Dochin Yoshikuni is collaborating with Tetsuo Hara's comic, "Gifuu Doudou!!", to release a brand new album titled "VOWS".

 The album is still far off, not being released until October 21st. The album includes two official support songs for the comic titled "Halo" and "You&I". Besides a CD, the album also comes with a DVD containing PVs for the two support songs.

"VOWS" Track-List:

  1. Halo
  2. You&I
  3. Time to fly
  4. evergrey
  5. Reflexion
  1. Halo - Music Video
  2. Halo - Music Video - Gifuu Doudou!! ver. 
  3. You&I - Music Video -
  4. Halo - Music Video - Gifuu Doudou!! ver.

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