Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sibilebashir Has Joined Shimizuya Records And Will Release New Single

Sibilebashir (シビレバシル) has just joined Shimizuya Records and announced their next single, "Nijuujinkaku (二重人格)".

"Nijuujinkaku" will be available on October 14th for 1500 yen (limit 300 copies). It will come CD only with three tracks.

CD Tracklist
    1. Nijuujinkaku (二重人格)
    3. Romanesque Mujou (ロマネスク、無情)
    To coincide with this release, the band has uploaded a preview for the single.

    Sibilebashir will hold their one-man live on November 23rd at Higashikouenji 20000V.

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