Tuesday, 11 August 2015

f(x) Responds to Disbandment Rumors

The f(x) members were caught by surprise when asked by reporters to answer if the group is going to disband.

Following Sulli's departure from the group, rumours have been flying all over the place. On August 9th, the remaining members, excluding Amber, took the stage at London Korean Festival in Trafalgar Square, London for a small press conference.

The members, Krystal, Luna & Victoria, were taken aback when a reporter asked them about a potential disbandment.

Luna was apparently so shocked she was unable to formulate a properly reply. However, Victoria jumped in and claimed the group will continue to work hard in the quartet. She also added they'll continue to cheer for Sulli.

Earlier this month, Sulli officially left f(x) to focus on acting. Although she broke off from the group, she'll remain signed to SM Entertainment. The former f(x) member has been on a hiatus for the past year, making her departure from the group expected.

"[We] negotiated with Sulli and decided to respect her wishes to leave f(x) and focus on her acting. She is currently on break and will be working on her future activities," the company stated.

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