Tuesday, 18 August 2015

DOG in The PWO Details for Single, "Meteorite"

DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra (DOG in the パラレルワールドオーケストラ) has announced their newest single, "Meteorite (メテオライト)". It will be available September 9th.

Limited editions TYPE A and B will include CD+DVD for 1800 yen, and regular edition will include CD only for 1200 yen 

CD Tracklist
    1. Meteorite (メテオライト)
    2. S.B.N.
    3. Warabeuta (わらべうた) (Regular Edition)
    4. Meteorite (メテオライト) (Karaoke)
     DVD Tracklist
    1. Meteorite (メテオライト) PV (TYPE A)
    2. Meteorite!? (めておらいとぉ!?) PV & Micchaku!! Meteorite (密着!!メテオライト)"+Bonus (TYPE B)
    DOG in The PWO will hold their one-man live on November 23rd at Maihama Amphitheater and release their live-limited variety DVD "Mecha inu DX (メチャ犬ッDX)" (1 pc per person, 2000 yen)

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