Monday, 20 July 2015

RoNo☆Cro Reveal Details for Single "Zettai Chouzetsu Only One"

Rono☆Cro has announced details for their next single release, "Zettai Chouzetsu Only One (絶対超絶オンリーワン)

The band first announced this single back in May, and it is the first independent release since their consecutive string of singles from earlier this year.

"Zettai Chouzetsu Only One" will be available September 16th in 3 TYPES.

TYPE A will include CD+DVD for 2000 yen; TYPES B & C will include CD only for 1500 yen.

1. Zettai Chouzetsu Only One (絶対超絶オンリーワン)
2. Chouzetsu Haitateki Ronriwa (超絶排他的倫理和)
3. Thank you「kaorin」(Thank you「かおりん」 ) (TYPE B )
3. Merry Go Round (メリーゴーランド) (Acoustic Ver.) (TYPE C)

1.Zettai Chouzetsu Only One (絶対超絶オンリーワン) PV 

Rono☆Cro will hold their one-man live on September 22nd at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT, on September 26th at Umeda ZEELA and on October 3rd at Shinjuku RUIDO K4.

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