Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kim Woo Bin & Minah Confirmed to Be Dating by Media Outlets

Kim Woo Bin & Minah have been confirmed to be dating by Dispatch. The couple allegedly met during a photo shoot and has been dating for two months now.

Dispatch followed the couple around during their dates. According to the media outlet, Kim Woo Bin delayed his shooting for the brand "Giordano" last May so Minah could get off earlier.

After Kim Woo Bin ended his shoot, he went to Minah's house to pick her up. After they met, they drove around Ham-Nam, conversing with each other.Reports claim they started dating after May. 

An acquaintances to both of them claim they started liking one another after the shoot in February, but only started dating after May. 

After May, Kim Woo Bin visited Minah several times each week. The pattern was the same, meaning the actor went to Minah's residence and picked her up at the parking lot. Most of the dates consisted of driving around the neighborhood, or of Kim Woo Bin picking up coffee.

During the dates, Kim Woo Bin used two cars, his Range Rover and Porsche. A friend commented they only ever had dates in cars because they'd be recognized otherwise.</

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