Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sulli Reportedly Leaving f(x)

Sulli is reportedly no longer a member of f(x). Reports state the singer has left the group and will cease activities as a member of the group. 

According to reports, Sulli left f(x) in order to pursue her acting career. After several months of speculation, the news was allegedly confirmed by Herald Finance on June 25th.

Initial controversy sparked around Sulli when she began dating Choiza and came forward with the relationship.

As of now, Sulli will remain with SM Entertainment until her contract expires. Reports state f(x) will continue as a 4-member group containing Krystal, Victoria, Luna, and Amber. The group is expected to make a comeback in September, following Girls' Generation's comeback in July.

Additional reports include a short statement from SM Entertainment. In the statement they claim to be "checking things and will release a statement after getting things in order".

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