Sunday, 21 June 2015

[Review] Sakina - Discover!

Sakina is ready to show the world exactly what she’s capable of with this 14-track album. Prepare your ears for a journey to an upbeat and nostalgic place.

“Discover!” Track List
  1. Discover!
  2. Dreaming the Sun
  3. Dawn of Destiny
  4. Discover! Acoustic Version
  5. Silent Ability
  6. Dive into the Future
  7. Thesis of Cruel Angel (Cover Song)
  8. Discover! (Off Vocal)
  9. Dreaming the Sun (Off Vocal)
  10. Dawn of Destiny (Off Vocal)
  11. Discover! Acoustic Version (Off Vocal)
  12. Silent Ability (Off Vocal)
  13. Dive into the Future (Off Vocal)
  14. Thesis of Cruel Angel (Cover Song) (Off Vocal)

“Discover!” is an upbeat rock-pop tune that immediately puts you in a good state of mind. I love how it sounds typical to a theme song to either a game or an anime series. This is my favorite track of the album.

As for “Dawn of Destiny“, it began differently than the other tracks on the album. The guitar coupled with Sakina’s voice sounds marvelous. It’s different in terms of music than the other tracks, borrowing some Latin American beats whilst still maintaining a “Japanese sound”.

“Silent Ability” is for the person who enjoys harder rock music. The song kicks off with a strong guitar riff followed up by quick guitar play. Sakina’s voice isn’t necessarily suitable for hard rock songs, but I do think she managed to make it sound like “herself” whilst still maintaining the heavy sound.

If you loved “Discover!”, the track “Dive into the Future” might be the next track to listen to. The song is upbeat, albeit more restrained than “Discover!”. Still, the track is catchy and I kept tapping my foot along to the song.

One of the tracks I was most excited about was “Thesis of Cruel Angel“, which is a cover song of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Cruel Angel’s Thesis. It started out slower than the original track, but I was quickly impressed with the cover. Due to the nostalgia surrounding the original song, it’s easy to have a cover fall flat. Sakina managed to keep the track interesting, while still playing homage to the original song.

This album also includes several off-vocal songs, which we will not be elaborating on. Some notable off-vocal tracks include Discover!, Dawn of Destiny & Thesis of Cruel Angel.

Top Tracks: Discover!, Thesis of Cruel Angel, Dawn of Destiny 

Rating 4/5

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