Saturday, 23 May 2015

[Review] Lycaon — Camera Obscura

Lycaon has released one final full album before they will disband. “Camera Obscura” is a masterful collection of stylistic changes, tapping into horror and jazz with both upbeat and slow-paced songs.

~Track List~
  1. Camera obscura-SE- 
  2. Tsuioku (追憶)
  3. Dark Night
  4. Liar
  5. Shadow
  6. Anshitsu (暗室)-SE- (Limited Edition)
  7. Marionette
  8. Kimi wo Kowasu Garasu no Shoudou (君を壊すガラスの衝動)
  9. Kuchiduke (くちづけ)-SE- (Limited Edition)
  10. Rouge
  11. Baka Ne (馬鹿ね。)
  12. Anemone (アネモネ)
  13. Baita (売女)-SE- (Limited Edition)
  14. Akujo no Hohoemi (悪女の微笑)
  16. Melancholic (メランコリック) (Limited Edition)
  17. Gypsy (ジプシー)
  18. Endroll-SE-

“Camera Obscura” was released in two editions, with short instrumental songs (SE) being the primary difference between the two. Though it can be questionable as to whether or not the additional tracks are worth the money, it’s definitely certain that they set the tone for each segment of the CD.

Which is helpful because this CD definitely reveals the differing music styles betwixt band members. The first 5 tracks take on a darker tone. They’re still fast paced but they contain an eerie sound that gives it that ominous flavor. The next SE moves the CD into another dark segment but with a heavier sound.

This section is definitely my favorite of them all. “Marionette” and “Kimi wo Kowasu Garasu no Shoudou” are powerful and push the album forward. Yuuki’s voice brings the songs around with his wavering voice, and the effect is simply amazing.

The next section moves into an upbeat jazz song. The song itself is nice and gives the album a change of pace, which is fine. But at this point, you start to feel the weight of the different styles become overwhelming. This is probably the biggest issue with this album. At the same time, it’s also one of the best part about it too. The different styles, the different beats, it all comes together to create a really creative album. If you listen to it straight through, though, everything becomes meshed together and the songs that stick out the most are the ones that seem misplaced.

Which is why I found “Gypsy” to be a good closing song for the album. It’s slower paced and gives Yuuki some time to really focus on his singing. It’s gentle, sad-sounding and still beautiful.

In total, this album was a big success, which made their disband announcement extremely shocking. It was like they were tapping into the unique tastes of the band members little by little but couldn’t delve more into what they were delivering. Again, the biggest issue was how the tracks skipped around, making it sound like several singles were packed into one release. However, the songs were still unique and interesting to keep you listening.

Top Tracks: Marionette, Kimi wo Kowasu Garasu no Shoudou, Gypsy, Rouge, Melancholic
Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: This review reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of OhayoSeoul.

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