Sunday, 9 February 2020

Jurina Matsui Announces Graduation from SKE48

Jurina Matsui announced she will be leaving SKE48 on February 7th.

The announcement was made on February 7th, during Team S's concerts at SKE48 Theater.

It was at the end of the live she joined the other members on the stage and made the announcement. She stated, "Watching today's performance and watching the members recently, I feel they've grown, and I feel happy that there are more and more members who I can entrust the center position to." She continued, "I, Matsui Jurina, will graduate from SKE48." 

She said,  "I thought about my graduation as the other members from my generation graduated, but I felt that I had to pull SKE48 even higher and watch my juniors grow, which is why I worked hard until now." 

Matsui joined SKE48's first generation audition back in 2007. She made her stage debut on October 5th of the same year. She was selected as a senbatsu member and center for the first time in AKB48's tenth single "Oogoe Diamond." Since then, she has been a main member of the AKB48 groups.

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