Monday, 14 January 2019

NGT48 Manager Removed due to Maho Yamaguchi Scandal

Following the assault of Maho Yamaguchi in December of 2018, NGT48's manager Etsuro Imamura was removed from his position. 

It's unclear what exactly happened, but it's rumored members of NGT48 collaborated with the attackers of Yamaguchi. The manager who oversaw the handling of the aftermath was removed from his position as manager, and replaced by Maiko Hayakawa.

Etsuro Imamura
Hayakawa has previously worked with idol groups such as  AKB48, SKE48 and STU48. Although there's uncertainties regarding the events, she'll be speaking with all of the NGT48 members and hope to resolve the situation.

The manager wasn't "fired" but he's not working with the group.  AKS has previously stated other members of the girl group may have been involved in the assault, giving information to the attackers. However, Niigata Police Department has yet to reveal if this is actually true.

The company has yet taken action towards the suspected members and are taking a "innocent until proven guilty" approach. However, if any members are found guilty, actions will be taken towards them. Small relief for Maho Yamaguchi!

Yamaguchi was assaulted on December 8th, 2018 as she returned home. Two male attackers were given information where she lived and waited till she arrived home. They were arrested, but let go without charges.

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