Tuesday, 9 January 2018

KOHH Sex Tape Leaked Featuring Ayana Miyamoto

A sex tape featuring rapper KOHH and model Ayana Miyamoto was leaked onto the latter's Instagram account. 

The incident occurred on January 8th when Miyamoto uploaded a video onto her Instagram, showing a man giving a woman oral sex. Followers were shocked at the video, which quickly prompted the video to be removed.

Despite the video being removed, it was up long enough for the general public to download it and spread it elsewhere.

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Due to how the video was filmed, fans are believing it was Miyamoto herself who filmed the video. The face of the man was shown in the video as well as distinctive tattoos, which caused many to believe it was KOHH.

Neither parties have offered a statement on the video. Both of the celebrities Instagram accounts have been flooded with talks about the video.

Disclaimer: Although the video's angle and the tattoos on the man suggest it was KOHH and Miyamoto, nothing has been confirmed.

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