Monday, 15 January 2018

IMFACT's Ungjae Injured During 2018 ISAC Recording

IMFACT's Ungjae was injured during the 2018 Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC).

Ungjae was forced to seek care at the hospital following an aerobics portion of the ISAC. The incident was first reported by fans who attended the event and were spectating. The show hasn't aired yet, and the spectating was an invitation-only deal.

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Koreaboo translated a tweet from one of the fans. “???? Ungjae got hurt??? I heard that someone from IMFACT who has blonde hair got injured. But Ungjae is the only one in IMFACT who has blonde hair…”

Star Empire Entertainment issued an initial statement:
“Ungjae's shoulders wasn't in good condition before the recording. During the aerobic portion of ISAC, Unjgae felt a sharp pain and was promptly taken to the hospital where he received treatment.”
After the first statement, Star Empire has kept quiet and not updated fans.

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