Saturday, 13 January 2018

Boys Over Flowers Creator Passes Away in Car Accident

Boys Over Flowers creators, Jeon Gi Sang, has passed away on January 13th. 

Jeon Gi Sang was crossing a street in a popular area in Seoul, Yeouido, when he was hit by a car. Due to the extensive injuries his life couldn't be saved.

His funeral will be held in Yeouido, with his closest family and friends being in attendance.

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"Boys over Flowers" starred Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim So Eun. The drama became a culture phenomenon, with it being the gateway to korean drama shows & culture.

Koreaboo reports Jeon Gi Sang was also in the list of those who sexually abused Jang Ja Yeon, who also starred in Boys over Flowers. Due to being forced to have sex with various people in the industry, she committed suicide in 2009.

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