Thursday, 26 October 2017

AKB48 Announces New Sister Group in Shanghai After SNH48 Went Rogue

AKB48 will be getting a new sister group based in Shanghai, China. 

The first sister group in Shanghai, SNH48, was removed from the AKB48 family after violations of their contract.

SNH48 was formed in 2012 and it was in 2016 the group violated its contract and all ties were cut.

The reason for the cut was an event which happened in March, 2016 where SNH48 took a decision to form two additional sister groups, BEJ48, based in Beijing, and GNZ48, based in Gaungzhou.

Neither groups were sanctioned by AKS and inevitably lead to the group(s) being removed from the AKS management and AKB48 family.

AKB48's new sister group will be holding auditions for new members. Exact details aren't known as of now, but auditions will be held towards the end of this year.

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