Monday, 10 July 2017

Sulli & Kim Min Jun Reportedly Broken Up

Sulli & Kim Min Jun have reportedly broken up and are no longer a couple. 

SM Entertainment confirmed the couple started dating back in May 2017. Kim Min Jun took to Instagram to report the breakup. The former boyfriend is the general manager for a DJ crew, owner of a restaurant lounge and head manager for Red Bull Korea.

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Instagram post, translated by Koreaboo, can be seen below:

“I am writing this post to announce the end of my relationship because it is already well known to everyone about the start of my relationship. Choi Jinri (Sulli) and I decided to go our own ways after personal complications. 
Our relationship was very simple and it will be a memory that will be kept between us. There is nothing special or anything that has to be known about our relationship. I will take responsibility for everything that I am responsible for. Don’t spread rumors. Please be healthy everyone.”
Sulli's previous relationship with  Dynamic Duo's Choiza resulted in a lot of posts and photographs. However, she never really posted photos together with Kim Min Jun.

No comment has been made from SM Ent. nor Sulli. 

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