Friday, 9 June 2017

T.O.P Transfers to Different Hospital, Bombarded by Photographers

T.O.P has transferred to a different hospital, following his discharge from the ICU of  Ehwa Woman's University Mokdong Hospital.

The BIGBANG member transferred to a different hospital where he'll get a private room. Unfortunately, the Mokdong Hospital doesn't offer single rooms for patients.

“T.O.P will be moving to a different hospital to continue treatment and is currently going through necessary procedures to move," the hospital staff said.

"The Mokdong Hospital does not have private rooms but his guardian wanted private rooms that is the main reason they decided to move hospitals. Due to her request, we cannot reveal which hospital he will be moving to," the staff finished.

As he was wheeled out from the hospital, several reporters came forward to take photos of him. When reporters asked him several questions, T.O.P simply responded, "I'm sorry".

YG Entertainment wrote a statement which was published on June 9th.

"The hospital's medical team made the recommendation that T.O.P should be moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward. However, his guardian requested that he be moved to a different facility that has single patient rooms to make visiting him a smoother process," the statement read.

 "We will not be releasing the name of the new hospital as we wish to avoid the situation we faced at the first hospital. We ask for your understanding," the statement continued.

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