Thursday, 8 June 2017

T.O.P Opens Eyes, Possibly Discharged from ICU

T.O.P has finally opened his eyes, making eye contact with his mother. There's plans he'll be discharged from the ICU as early as tomorrow. 

After completing her visitation at 1.45 PM KST, T.O.P's mother confirmed her son had opened his eyes. When asked if he recognized her, he simply replied, "yes".

All in all, not a lot of information was shared with reporters, but it's good to know T.O.P is conscious again.

The singer has been at the Ewha Woman's University Mokdong Hospital for three days now. Doctors are hopeful he'll make a recovery, but they've stated it can take up to two weeks for people with no other illnesses.

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"Although we cannot guarantee how long it will take [for T.O.P] to recover, on average, a healthy person who does not have any other illnesses takes around a week or two to recover.” – Professors Lee Deok Hee, Kim Yong Jae, and Choi Hee Yeon

Since the BIGBANG member's condition has improved, he might be discharged from the ICU as early as tomorrow.

It's possible T.O.P will be moved to a different hospital of his choosing. Due to the immediate medical emergency, he was assigned to the hospital which was closest.

Following this incident, the singer will be offered psychological treatment, as per standard. 

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